The Golden-Brown Age of Toast
A 6000-year history

Nothing MoreThan Fillings:
1. The true story of Pop Tarts
2. Toaster Pastry Facts

Mutant Spawns of Pop Tarts
Strange and failed toaster foods

Hot Slots
Recipes for your toaster

Plugged-in Toasters
Links to other toaster-related sites

Best Thing since Sliced Bread
Eggos; Lenders' Bagels; Thomas' English Muffins

Pop Tarts appear in the ration
packs of the British military.

Stores in Japan and Germany catering to homesick Americans feature Pop Tarts as one of their biggest sellers.

Nothing More Than Fillings
Toaster Pastry Facts

In researching Toaster Strudel, Pillsbury commissioned a study of the pop-up capacities of 2000 models of toasters. They determined that 1.8 ounces was the heaviest they could make the product and still be toaster compatible with all makes.

When internal research showed that most households bought only one box of Pop Tarts and that they were all consumed within three days, Kellogg’s brought out a Family Pack of 12 and then 24, rightly assuming that consumers would be more easily persuaded to buy a bigger box than two or four boxes.

(McDonalds had discovered a similar dynamic a few years earlier, that most people wouldn’t buy two “small fries” because that looked gluttonous...but that they would buy one double-sized “large fries.”)

While most toaster pastries do not microwave well, you can toast a bunch of them at once for festive party fun by putting them on a single layer on a cookie sheet and heating at 400 degrees F. for five minutes.

According to industry insiders, very few toaster
pastries are consumed by people over 50.

The “World’s Biggest Pop Tart” (actually 10,500 strawberry Pop Tarts glued together with frosting) was unveiled on October
6, 1998 in Madison Square Garden. It was 25 by 35 feet, and no, there was no giant toaster to go along with it.

Our own editor-in-chief, Jack Mingo (wearing tie), at the recent Pop Tart event at Madison Square Garden.


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