The Golden-Brown Age of Toast
A 6000-year history

Nothing MoreThan Fillings
The true story of Pop Tarts

Mutant Spawns of Pop Tarts
Strange and failed toaster foods

Who Stole the Pop Tarts?

Hot Slots
Recipes for your toaster

Plugged-in Toasters
Links to other toaster-related sites

Best Thing since Sliced Bread
Eggos; Lenders' Bagels; Thomas' English Muffins

Plugged-in Toasters
Links to other toaster-related sites

For elementary school teachers who want a hands-on lesson to teach kids about the effects of energy but don’t trust them with anything more dangerous than a toaster, here’s a lesson plan that uses innocent toast as a lab animal:

It’s creepy: The toaster asks you how dark you want your toast, understands your answer, and makes the necessary adjustments. Demonstrating the dangers of too much time and book larnin’, two students show how they built a speech recognition toaster for a college class:

Internet flame wars: Two different academics went forth to scientifically replicate humorist Dave Barry’s findings that a strawberry Pop Tart®, if exposed to enough heat in a jammed toaster, will burst into foot-and-a-half flames. The first “study” has extensive pictures; the second, a deadpan scientific detachment. Check out the incendiary results:

You can visit the renovated Pop Tarts webpage at:


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