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Teddy Bear Therapy

Some people never get over teddy bears. And why should they? Teddy bears are about security, comfort and non-judgmental friendship. While kids have known for decades that teddy bears offer therapeutic comfort, the professionals are finally catching on:

Six out of ten adults surveyed for Emotional Health magazine said that they own or wish they owned a teddy bear.

Some police, fire and paramedic departments routinely issue teddy bears to its officers because they're a useful tool in reaching scared, lost, and traumatized children.

Following the lead of a famous old Norman Rockwell painting, earlier this year, the Children's Museum in Boston helped calm kids' fears of hospitals by having them bring in their teddy bears for a free checkup by trained medical professionals.

To provide therapeutic comfort to someone suffering from illness or trauma, let him/her hold a Teddy WarmHeart that emits four hours of "human-like warmth," after being popped for a few minutes into a microwave oven (the teddy bear, that is, not the traumatized person). For more information, call (800) 800-3353.

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