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Browse newspaper archives with "teddy bear"?

As your search phrase, and you'll get lots of stories. However, most of them can be broken down into just a few categories:

Tragedies involving kids. Teddy bears have become a journalistic shorthand (some say a cliche) they evoke a tear and a lump without any further effort on the writer's part.
So in newspaper stories, expect to see teddy bears clutched in young hostages arms, scattered around a tornado-devastated trailer parks, and laid lovingly at shooting sites and on coffins. Teddy bears are often used to symbolize lost innocence in a corrupt world as well: Look for them tucked into stories about teenage prostitutes, murderers, and drug addicts.

Charity bear drives
Hundreds of groups have gotten publicity for their "bear drives" to place bears in police cars, ambulances, hospital wards and nursing homes.


A very occasional "contraband in the teddy bear" smuggling story.

Straightforward bear stuff
Stories about teddy bear makers, collectors of museum. December gift suggestions for kids.

Asorted human interest pieces

For example, the schoolkids who every year place teddy bears in airports with Paddington-like requests that travelers take them to places around the world and send photos of and letters "from" their tedd.

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