Paileontology: A history of the lunchbox



Lunchbox Redux

Despite the "death" of quality, they're slowly coming back. Thermos slipped a few metal boxes into their lunch lines last season, and if you take a look around department stores and gift shops, you might just find some neo-nostalgia metal boxes by little-known names like the candy-filled, made-in-China boxes of American Specialty Confections: Some are reissues of classic designs of the past, others are new but with a retro look.

The other thing is that some of the new aren't so bad. Although too many are still just a standardized plastic box with a sticker slapped on it, some of the Thermos fabric soft-sides like Winnie the Pooh are colorful and fun. Or their whimsically-shaped Barbie Dream house. While the metal boxes still seem aimed squarely at aging Baby Boomers, could it be that the lunchbox as a form of popular art will rise again among elementary school trendsetters?