A history of the lunchbox

Lunchpail Tales

Twenty writers share their lunchbox memories

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Lunchboxes for fun and profit

Lunchmeating of the Minds:
A lunchbox riddle and a prize

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Audio-visual lunchboxes







Lunchpail Tales
Twenty writers share their lunchbox memories

WPMO Editor-in-chief Jack Mingo posed the following question to a group of writers: What lunchbox or boxes did you carry as a kid? Was that by your selection or your parents, and how did feel about that? Was there a lunchbox you always pined over that you never got? Any poignant or funny stories?

Michael Johnson (Honolulu): a promotion copy writer for Hawaii Newspaper Agency.
"To this day I favor hot lunches..."

Jim Vandewalker, the Dead Guy (Florida)
"I live a couple of blocks from the school I used to carry the lunchbox to..."

Davida Chazan, The Chocolate Lady (JDC-Israel/AJDC-Romania, Jerusalem, Israel; nee Evanston, Ill): administrative assistant (and part-time poetry writer):
"No lunchbox for me...."

Bob Pastorio (Staunton, Virginia): restauranteer, gourmet chef, and writes a food column in his local paper :
"I have a shameful secret to confess..."

Robert William Allen (Portland, OR): multi-value database specialist, "Jeopardy" contestant, and grandson of the creator of Ajax cleanser.
"Why I ended up with a Hogan's Heroes lunchbox"

Kathie Meyer (Washington State): librarian at WSU, favors brought-from-home nourishment eaten in the company of the newsgroup misc.writing.
"I desperately wanted a Monkees lunchbox..."

Shanan Capes (Dayton, Ohio): software engineer, martial artist, private pilot and writer, not necessarily in that order.
"My first lunchbox was Scooby Doo..."

Malia Wyckoff Fairhope, Alabama: mom, writer, brown bag enthusiast.
"Peanuts lunchbox robin's egg blue with Woodstock yellow trim on the edges."

Susan Hough (Pasadena area): research scientist with a non-fanatical interest in vintage toys.
"My favorite was a dome-top US Mail lunchbox..."

Peter Hickman (Raleigh, North Carolina): statistical programmer.
"My lunchbox experiences were all in Albuquerque in the late 1960s."

Rebecca Morphis (Carrboro, North Carolina): freelance writer and editor
"Favorite? Definitely the Strawberry Shortcake Box..."

Dot Hightower (Albany, California).
"A thermos with milk inside. Either an egg-salad or a bologna sandwich..."

Scott Elyard (Tacoma, Washington): infamous for his sabotage of beach renewal efforts, studies Russian, writes assorted and sundry items, and acts as Technical Director/Designer for Stone Bug Net, a microstudio in Tacoma.
"Mine always had a leaky drink container..."

Pat Marcello (Pittsburgh, PA): writer, collector, and forgiver of mothers.
"Although my 1964 box wasn't extremely durable, I carried it the entire year, and it was still in near mint condition when the year had ended."

Heidi Wessman Kneale (Auntie Dem; Perth, Western Australia).
"I love, I live, I laugh, I write. Oh yeah, and I wear glasses. And I had a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang lunchbox."

Carisa Showden (Chapel Hill, NC.): graduate student in political science, with an emphasis in political theory.
"These days I carry my lunch in a plastic grocery bag..."

Blanche Nonken (Wyndmoor, PA): has a husband, two small children, a dog, a cat, four snakes, 13 mice and the flu.
"I used ugly, offbrand lunchboxes or cheap plain plastic bags..."


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