Recreational chewing:
A retrospective

Blackjacks and Beemans:

The origins of chicline

Blibber-Blubber Doubble Bubble

Workin' on the Chain Gang

Gum Facts
(that smack of the truth)

Gumball Machine

The irrepressible Wrigley

Pick 'n Chews Pilgrimages

Tom and Becky: A love story

Sticky Questions — a quiz

Sticky Questions a quiz

Try the chewing gum challenge:

1. Gum made from the resin of the mastic tree was popular
in Greece as early as 50 AD.
in Macedonia in the second century
in ancient Egypt
from the Middle Ages in Europe.

2. European settlers in the New World were introduced to chewing spruce resins
by fellow settlers from Holland
by William Wrigley Sr.'s grandfather
by Native Americans in the 1600s.
by the inventor Thomas Adams. Sr.

3. Chewing gum as we know it today is made from chicle,
a plant with blue, pink, or white flowers.
the dried sap of the sapodilla tree.
a stiff prickly shrub which grows in alkaline regions.
a common weed with small white flowers.

4. Chicle was introduced to the Americans
by Mexican laborers working in California in the early 20th cent.
by a Prussian general in the late 19th cent.
by Native Americans in the early 19th cent.
by a Mexican general after the Civil War

5. The "Nostalgia Gum program" was an advertising campaign in the 1980s:
to reintroduce 100-year-old chewing gum brands
to introduce sugarless gum to conservative gum chewers
launched by the Gum Wrappers Collectors Association
launched by an aggressive new gum company in an attempt to grab some of Wrigley's market.

6. The initial problem with bubble gum when invented in the early part of the cent.:
its over-stickiness
its high manufacturing cost
its unreliable bubble-blowability (the bubbles burst too early)
the horrible color (no one wanted to chew or blow mucky green gum).

7. Liquid gum base has been used
as an organic pesticide
to seal tiny parts in airplane engines
in the manufacture of super-adhesive glue
in the manufacture of rubber shoe soles.

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