Recreational chewing:
A retrospective

Blackjacks and Beemans:

The origins of chicline

Blibber-Blubber Doubble Bubble

Workin' on the Chain Gang

Gum Facts
(that smack of the truth)

Gumball Machine

The irrepressible Wrigley

Pick 'n Chews Pilgrimages

Tom and Becky: A love story

Sticky Questions — a quiz

Gum Facts (that smack of the truth)

Gum manufacturers voluntarily rationed their product at home during World War II, so that supplies of it could be shipped to our fighting forces around the globe.

Liquid gum base (it hardens into chewing gum only after cooking and cooling) has been used as an organic pesticide: Insects drawn to its sweetness find their jaws stuck together and they soon starve to death.

"Save this wrapper for disposal after use" and "Close cover before striking" are the most often read sets of instructions in the world.

New York Central Railroad once employed a full-time gum removal man to clean discarded gum from Grand Central Station. He harvested an average of seven pounds a night with the wad growing to fourteen pounds on holiday weekends.

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