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Workin' on the Chain Gang

Remember spending all your allowance on gum so you could have the longest wrapper chain in the entire neighborhood? It takes 50 wrappers to make a chain one foot long. In the early 1970s teens Randi Grossack and Barbara Malkin in Long Island, New York assembled a chain that's 196 feet, eight inches long over 9,800 wrappers. More recently, the Guinness World Record book recognized a gum-wrapper record of 18,721 feet. In case you want to beat it, here's how to get started:
Get a pack of flat stick gums like Wrigley's Juicy Fruit or Doublemint. Remove and fold the individual paper wrapper lengthwise into thirds. Fold in again, in half, crosswise. Fold each end in toward the center; this becomes the first link in the chain. Repeat with remaining wrappers to create many links. To assemble the chain, slip the ends of the second link into the "V" of the first link. Add to the chain by feeding the ends of link three through the ends of link two, and so on, in a zig-zag pattern (see picture).


For more information about how to make gum wrapper chains, see:

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