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  Comics - Old and New
Posted by Aron S-T on 2001/08/09 13:10:00 GMT-4

A really interesting article in Salon on the great debate over comics - is the online version killing the art form?http://www.salon.com/tech/feature/2001/08/09/comics/index.html

I think most online comics that I have seen suck because they are just poorly conceived and written.

But here's one, mentioned in the article, which I found quite amusing:


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Re: Comics - Old and New Partnership
by Patrick Chabry on 2005/06/30 13:38:30 GMT-4



Ref. : Partnership on the net

Dear Madam, Dear Sir,

Hello. We have had a look at your objects on your site, and we find them very interesting.

We have created ourselves, a merchant site, “www.artdrift.com”, which is dedicated to selling on line, a variety of art objects, such as paintings, drawings, sculptures, photos, textiles, handicrafts, comics old and new, books old and new, posters, and all items of interest having some connection with art , and similar.

Items are buyable on line and some downloadable (photo prints for example).

Our idea is that is that you authorize us to put on line, on our site, images of your products.
We increase, your selling rates by 10 to 30%, representing our charges, costs and profit. Of course we will also include postage / shipping expenses, which are to be paid exclusively by the purchaser (unless your selling rates include the last).
In other words, when we sell one of your items, we would in this case get in touch with you, so as to check that the last is still available. If so, we will transfer to your bank account, you’re selling rate (as arranged) and give you shipping instructions.
For downloadable products (such as photos) we suggest a profit share based on 50/50. This means, as an example, when we sell a downloadable photo at the rate of Euros 20.-, you will receive on your bank account Euros 10.-

Seen from our side, you are completely protected and can only make money for sure. We are as you may have noticed, very transparent and clear. We try our best to make all outcomes as easy as possible.

Don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any further questions.

So, let’s start business !

Best regards,

Patrick Chabry & Anthony Plowright (Paris / France)

Mail > <partnership@artdrift.com> + <artdrift@artdrift.com> + <Chaplo@free.fr>

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