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  How Author Turned an Obsession With 80s Pop Culture Into a Career
Posted by Dana Worthington on 2001/06/23 10:19:50 GMT-4

Michael-Dante Craig, author of THE TOTALLY AWESOME 80S POP MUSIC TRIVIA BOOK, explains how Boy George, Mr. T and the Smurfs helped him become a bestselling author.

Michael-Dante Craig doesn't look like he graduated high school in the 1980s. In fact, he looks like he was born in the 80s. Appearing to be more that a decade younger than his thirty-one years, the handsome bestselling author doesn't mind revealing his true age or his obsession with all things 80s, a decade many people would just as soon forget. "The 80s were a fantastic time to be alive, particularly if you were a teenager. The world seemed so open to limitless possibilites. Then, of course, there was also the amazing music," says the author from his Charleston, SC, home. Which brings us to his book, THE TOTALLY AWESOME 80S POP MUSIC TRIVIA BOOK, which has just been published. "There is a large and thriving community of people on the web who feel the same way I do about 80s pop music and pop culture in general." The book has been selling extremely well by word of mouth on the Internet and is a top seller on established books sites such as Amazon.com and Borders.com

Not content on reinvigorating the careers of Boy George, Tiffany and Flock of Seagulls, the author's second book, THE TOTALLY AWESOME 80S TV TRIVIA BOOK, a book about the "real Golden Age of Television, the 1980s", has also been published.

Scoff if you will, Michael-Dante Craig is reaping the financial rewards of an aging Generation X that is clinging frantically to fading memories of their lost youth. "Everything in life is cyclical. A decade or two from now, we will all be break dancing, if we are still able, going insane trying to solve our Virtual Rubik's Cube and giving New Coke a second try while listening to Boy George's comeback CD."

That would be, like, Totally Awesome!!!

Girl Georgette
New York, New York

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