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  Jackie's Clothes As Armor
Posted by Syrah Merlot on 2001/05/11 10:08:47 GMT-4

Jackie Kennedy's clothes from her First Lady days are on display at New York's Metropolitan Museum. Here's a quote I found interesting and illuminating from the Slate piece (citation below):"The revelation here is about a wardrobe dictated less by style or politics than fear. Lost in the fuss over her hothouse colors and precocious minimalism is the fact that Jackie, an improbably young and inexperienced first lady enduring America's first televised presidency, wasterrified. This was a woman who, upon learning that her husband had won the presidential election, confessed: "I feel as though I had just turned into a piece of public property. It's really frightening to lose your anonymity at 31." And who, a few weeks later, in a letter to Oleg Cassini, the designer charged with furnishing her official wardrobe, was pleading: "PROTECT ME, as I seem so mercilessly exposed and don't know how to cope with it."The solution was a closet full of body armor..."http://slate.msn.com/culturebox/entries/01-05-09_105810.asp

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