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  The "Artificial Intelligence" On-Line Game
Posted by Jeanine Salla on 2001/05/04 22:09:14 GMT-4

Spielberg's next move is Artificial Intelligence, but it looks like the best thing about it is the highly elaborate internet puzzle, spread over dozens of websites around the world, that details the murder of Evan Chan. Apparently people are spending hours "playing" it. Here's a news story to get you started:http://www.msnbc.com/news/568308.aspHere's a webpage that's tracking the clues:http://www.for-evan.com/trail/#3.01And if you just want to jump in, do a search on "Jeanine Salla" and see what you find.

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Re: The "Artificial Intelligence" On-Line Game
by Gus Heavy on 2001/05/15 00:31:13 GMT-4

Here's another good article...and some more clues.


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