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  White House Easter Eggs
Posted by Syrah Merlot on 2001/04/16 20:37:35 GMT-4

You don't have to actually go to the White House Easter Egg Roll with snotty-nosed kid in hand to get an official White House Easter Egg (or Passover Ovum, if you prefer). It was rained out this year for the first time in history anyway, more evidence that the gods are angry about the imposter anti-president who's living there. You can buy the eggs--going back five years--from the White House on-line gift shop for a relatively low price. Check it out here:http://www.whitehousegiftshop.com/easter.html

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Re: White House Easter Eggs
by Ed Zorn on 2001/04/16 20:43:47 GMT-4

Notice the price has gone up $2 since Bush got into office, a 13% increase in price. Clearly the guy is trying to soak the kids to pay for his Rich Man's Tax Cut. Clearly feathering his own nest and the nest eggs of his friends.

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  • Re: White House Easter Eggs
    by Ben on 2001/04/25 10:07:43 GMT-4

    "Rich man's tax cut", eh? Well, the rich man (and woman) is an American just the same as you (perhaps moreso), so why does he or she not deserve a tax cut?
    The rich pay nearly all the income tax in this country, Ed. Any tax cut that DOESN'T give them the biggest cut is unfair. Take your class warfare elsewhere.
    Screw the easter egg roll at the White House. Just another example of government waste.

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Re: White House Easter Eggs
by Barbara on 2001/04/17 17:51:16 GMT-4

Imposter anti-president?
Why don't you just get over it and get a life!

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