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  Joey Ramone Dead
Posted by Jack Mingo on 2001/04/16 11:16:56 GMT-4

It's funny--my daughter and I were just discussing the Ramones last Sunday--the trivia note that they all took their last names from Paul McCartney's example (he performed under the name Carlos Ramone or something, very early in his pre-Beatle career).

Here are some hightlights of the New York Times article at:

•Its four members adopted the common last name after forming the band in 1974.

• Joey became the lead singer only after his drumming proved too rudimentary to keep up with his bandmates' thunderous riffs.

• While British bands such as the Sex Pistols and Clash received the media attention once punk rock exploded, both were schooled by the Ramones' tour of England that began on the U.S. Bicentennial -- July 4, 1976.

• Their ``do-it-yourself,'' garage-rock influence still echoes today in bands like Green Day and the Offspring.

• The low-tech Ramones spent just two days and $6,000 recording their 1976 debut album.

• ``They're the daddy punk group of all time,'' said Joe Strummer, lead singer of the Clash.

• Bruce Springsteen, after seeing the Ramones in an Asbury Park, N.J., club, wrote ``Hungry Heart'' for the band -- but his manager convinced The Boss to keep the eventual hit single.

• The produced an album with rock legend Phil Spector. The sessions were a nightmare, starting with Spector pulling a gun out and laying it on the mixing board, and continuing through spending hours of repetition, just to get the feedback-distorted first note of Rock 'n Roll High School "just right."

• Joey was 10 months older than me when he died. Yikes!

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Re: Joey Ramone Dead
by Aron S-T on 2001/04/18 18:33:41 GMT-4

And of course Salon had a couple of interesting articles on him:




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