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  More excitement at the breakfast table
Food & Drink
Posted by Rebecca on 2001/04/03 02:41:03 GMT-4

As long as we're on the subject of breakfast.....I saw this ad on tv the other morning for Pillsbury Toaster Bagels (the "highly evolved bagel", as they put it) and I both intrigued and mortified. As far as I can tell, this resembles a real bagel with cream cheese about as much as cheese whiz resembles cheese. http://www.pillsbury.com/breakfast/bagels.asp

First, it's rectangular. Second, it's not really a bagel. Third, the cream cheese (either plain or with strawberry, blueberry or cinnamon flavoring--what,no lox?) is already inside the bagel so "there's no slicing or messy spreading. So no cramming bagels in a toaster. No gloppy mess." Isn't that the charm of bagels? Trying not to slice your hand open while cutting them, then trying to cram them into your toaster? (or, better yet, just get the guy at the deli to do it for you)

Toaster strudel, toaster scrambled eggs, toaster bagels and cream cheese...can't wait to see what's next.

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Re: More excitement at the breakfast table
by Robert Winkle on 2002/01/13 15:49:38 US/Eastern

Tried to enter Pilsbury Get A Break Sweepstakes by searching get-a-break.com. Approximately 75 references but none for Pillsbury. www.pillsbury.com/breakfast leads to this site but no information on contest rules.

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Re: More excitement at the breakfast table
by carmela on 2002/05/11 09:21:43 GMT-4

We tried the hotbreakfastcoolroom.com and got this sight.Maybe we need to talk to pillsbury.

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Re: More excitement at the breakfast table
by Alyssa Parks on 2003/07/24 10:30:16 GMT-4

i want the glow in the dark stars. but i couldn't find your website thingy.
you all can go suck cock because ya'll are little lying asswhole bitches thar need to die.

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