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  Make Your Own Kinda Cereal
Food & Drink
Posted by Jack Mingo on 2001/04/01 17:46:58 GMT-4

Okay, we admit it--we fell under the chimera of being able to customize our own cereal and actually mixed up some high-soy, low-fat, heart-healthy cereal, with custom label, from http://www.mycereal.comThere we had the choice from about 80 different flakes, puffs, sweeteners, marshmallow dinosaurs, choco-chunks, and everything else you (n)ever wanted in your cereal.Now, here's the weird thing--it's hard to get into the site. I managed to click on a banner ad that provided an authorization code that let me get in and order. See if you can figure out how get in. If you can't, let me know and I'll see if there's any way to establish an account from your from the inside.

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Re: Make Your Own Kinda Cereal
by Ed Zorn on 2001/04/02 14:45:26 GMT-4

So, don't keep us in suspense--did you get the cereal, and how is it?

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Re: Make Your Own Kinda Cereal
by Rebecca on 2001/04/02 16:23:08 GMT-4

I'm still trying to figure out how to get the darn authorization code....the best I could do was get on their mailing list and wait with the rest of the peons.

In the meantime, guess I just have to eat the cereal prescribed by others...

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  • Re: Make Your Own Kinda Cereal
    by Jack Mingo on 2001/04/03 01:14:35 GMT-4

    Too bad! And, alas, the FAQ specifically said that they couldn't let in anyone without the Magic Ticket. So watch for a banner ad (I might've run across it on MSNBC, or....?) and clicking on it will give you an authorization code and let you into the Inner Sanctum.

    Anyway, at the risk of being drummed out of the Top Secret Club, let me share the ingredients that can be mixed and matched. They do put some restrictions on the number of ingredients you can add to any one mixture, and also what can be added together, presumably not wanted to wreck their reputation by adding the incompatible flavors of (say) chocolate and cherry-covered raisins. Anyway, here's the list of possibilities:

    Bran Flakes
    Cocoa Corn Flakes
    Corn Flakes
    Multi-Grain Flakes
    Oatmeal Flakes
    Soy Flakes
    Frosted Corn Flakes
    Sweetened Soy Flakes
    Frosted Wheat Flakes
    Whole Grain Wheat Flakes

    Apple Cinnamon Oat Rings
    Fruit Flavored Corn Puffs
    Fruit Flavored Corn Rings
    Fruit Flavored Rice Puffs
    Cinnamon Corn Stars
    Cocoa Corn Puffs
    Cocoa Rice Puffs
    Corn Puffs
    Honey Nut Oat Rings
    Maple Flavored Corn Puffs
    Multi-Grain Rings
    Oat and Soy Rings
    Oat Rings
    Peanut Butter & Cocoa Corn Puffs
    Rice Puffs
    Sweetened Corn Puffs
    Sweetened Oat Puffs
    Frosted Oat Rings
    Sweetened Oat & Soy Rings
    Sweetened Wheat Puffs

    Toasted Cinnamon Multi-Grain Squares
    Cinnamon Graham Squares
    Corn Squares
    High Fiber Bran Shreds
    Honey Nut Multi-Grain Squares
    Multi-Grain Muesli
    Multi-Bran Squares
    Multi-Grain Granola
    Rice Squares
    Wheat Biscuits
    Honey Graham Squares
    Wheat Nuggets
    Wheat Squares

    Add-Ins (Choose up to three add-ins)
    Please note that all fruit selections are dried or freeze-dried.

    Chocolate Flavored Marshmallow Bits
    Banana Nut Clusters
    Dinosaur Shaped Rice Puffs
    Maple Nut Clusters
    Marshmallow Bits
    Oat Clusters
    Sweetened Nut Clusters

    Banana Bits
    Whole Cherries
    Cherry Bits
    Whole Cranberries
    Cranberry Bits
    Apple Slices
    Coconut Bits
    Cinnamon Apple Slices
    Golden Raisins
    Raspberry Bits
    Raisin Date Bits
    Toasted Coconut Bits
    Mango Bits
    Raisin Apple Prune Bits
    Peach Bits
    Whole Blueberries
    Pineapple Bits
    Sweetened Date Bits
    Strawberry Bits

    Almond Coated Raisins
    Chopped Roasted Macadamia Nuts
    Dried Fruit and Nut Blend
    Chopped Walnuts
    Almond Slices
    Honey Roasted Soy Nuts
    Chopped Hazelnuts
    Roasted Soy Nuts
    Chopped Pecans
    Sugar Coated Sliced Almonds

    Anyway, we didn't get too adventurous--no little dinosaurs or anything, just mostly soy and bran stuff. Still, the cereal was a little sweetly sugar- and calorie-infested compared to what Erin and I have grown accustomed to. Yet, it was good, especially as a snack out of the personalized little envelopes.

    Regardless, though, it does cost about a dollar a serving, so it may be best as a novelty gift for now.

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Re: Make Your Own Kinda Cereal
by Alyssa on 2005/06/01 13:43:05 GMT-4

I went to the website and it was the General Mills main website, is that corect ?

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