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  Does Anybody Care?
Posted by Jack Mingo on 2001/03/25 01:10:45 US/Eastern

I have to admit that I really don't care who wins the Oscars. Never have. Never will.

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Re: Does Anybody Care?
by Rebecca on 2001/03/25 19:23:09 US/Eastern

Ok, as long as we're telling the truth, I don't really care either. But I do like to see what people are wearing (the good and the bad), and I like to watch the montages they do with old movie footage. But that's about it. I usually end up muting all the speeches, and doing busy work (like balancing my checkbook) while watching it.

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Why not...?
by Eero on 2001/03/27 09:06:36 US/Eastern

The film industry and the actors appreciate the Oscar's and if that is a quarantee for the making of good movies... Then why not...?
Another thing is - do you have to watch the Oscar gala or do you want to use that time into something useful ?

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