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  "Big Bread Ago" in German
Posted by Ed Zorn on 2001/03/21 12:18:54 US/Eastern

The next season of the German version of Big Brother is in full swing live on the internet. Of course, you miss a teensy bit of meaning if you don't know German. But at least using Alta Vista's Babelfish, you can get a (mostly fractured and impressionistic) translation, sometimes hysterically rendered. For example, the name of the show often gets turned into BIG BREAD AGO for some reason and pronouns like his/her all get turned into "it"...check out this typical paragraph:"Live Chat with Anja Friday, starting from 17:00 h **time-out** finite create it the busy Anja to us in the editorship come, so that it with it live chatten can. It will report, how it was issued it since their single dump. And you can ask it everything, what interests you. It will be to you openly speech and response and looks forward already to its fans."The best way is to go to Alta Vista:http://world.altavista.com/and put in the Big Brother URL:http://www.big-brother-haus.de/low.htmlMake sure you choose German to English as your option. (I kept accidentally translating it into Spanish, which is the default, making the page even less comprehensible.) Alas, Babelfish doesn't work with the live videos, but the people do occasionally lapse into English (proving the old tourist assertion that all those foreigners really DO speak English, they just pretend they don't to be contrary).

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Re: "Big Bread Ago" in German
by Jack Mingo on 2001/03/21 12:23:21 US/Eastern

Even better, translated from the site, which apparently has to do with exercise, but sounds like something much more keeping with the German reputation for sado-masochism:

"Antinode bulge bacon ade!
Whipping for hours is enough not as sporty operation, finds Ana. If the antinode bulge should be fixed, then one must rannehmen oneself already harder. If want to know it, how Ana Marija torments itself and maltreats, then looks after into 'the NEWS!'"

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