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  Where to Go When You Gotta Go...
Posted by Rebecca on 2001/03/20 20:01:03 US/Eastern

Ok, this isn't popular culture, but....well...it's entertaining and useful (and odd).As someone who's always on the lookout for free and clean toilets in New York City, I can appreciate a site like this. http://www.besttoilets.com/nyc/index.html

There's a bunch of other cities listed, and you can recommend a toilet, send an etoilet greeting, and download area maps.

It's fun to browse online, but not so relevant when you're sitting at home in front of your computer (unless for some reason--and Freud might have something to say about this--you're planning out your bathroom break strategy ahead of time, for your big day in city). But luckily, you can dowload it to your palm pilot (although the link seems to be broken at the moment). Now if only I had GPS on my palm....or maybe they can strike a deal with Vindi"go".

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Re: Where to Go When You Gotta Go...
by Jack Mingo on 2001/03/20 21:54:39 US/Eastern

Wow! Not just for NYC but for most of the major American cities as well. A must-visit for the reviews alone, but especially for the pregnant or weak of bladder.

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