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  Larry Potter and the Muggles?!!!
Posted by Shirley on 2001/03/18 00:09:32 US/Eastern

Did anyone else see this? There's no way Rowlings didn't steal from this lady -- I mean, "Larry Potter"?????? My daughter doesn't know yet and I'm not going to burst her bubble!http://salon.com/books/wire/2001/03/14/stouffer/index.htmlI thought this story would be good for this site. Sorry I haven't been around much lately, though. Things are pretty busy at work but I'll try to find more time.I see some new names on the list. Cool!-Shirl.

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Re: Larry Potter and the Muggles?!!!
by Erin Barrett on 2001/03/18 00:15:26 US/Eastern

Look, everyone! It's Shirl.! Welcome back. Stay awhile.

The similarities in the Harry Potter series with the Larry Potter story do seem a bit too numerous to be accidental. We'll see, I guess. Disappointing, none the less. And as a parent I'm with you: denial seems like an appropriate course of action here, as well.


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Re: Larry Potter and the Muggles?!!!
by Deborah Sanford on 2001/12/15 18:48:30 US/Eastern

There is no Larry Potter and the Muggles. This author, who is contending that Rowling stole ideas and characters from her books, wrote several books. All the books that she wrote featuring the characters Larry Potter and Lilly Potter, were set in the modern, everyday world and did not feature any "muggles". The book she wrote featuring "Muggles" was called "The Legend of Rah and the Muggles". Frankly, everything I read about Ms. Stouffers book suggests a completely different type of story. You can buy a copy at www.realmuggles.com, but from what I have seen it is not worth the read.
I did read the intro posted on her site which sets the sceen. The story is set in a post-holocaust world, that has regressed from a technological past.
I also read a review by an AP reporter, who did not like the book. This aside, his synapsis suggests that the setting is a mundane world (non-magical) and the only thing even close to magic that is mentioned is an ability of the "muggles" to speak to animals.
The muggles are mutated human survivors who act as "care takers". The plot revolves around twin non-muggle boys who are set adrift - moses styly - and found and raised by the muggles. It follows their life as they are raised by muggles and come to be adversaries as adults - a la Cain and Able. Hummmmm....did she "steal ideas" from the bible?

Also I looked at here "list of infringments" and 90% of the similarities mentions (not counting the Larry/Harry, Lilly/Lily thing) are all period dressing. You can find lots of fairytale castles surrounded by water and only accessable by boats. You can also find lots of fairytale castles with large wooden doors of various types, they often contain stone floors of various types.
Rowlings is obviously setting up an 18th century atmosphere (quills -cravats - robes - stockings, Stouffer calls them tights)surrounding the witch and warlock characters. Afterall, with magic to help you out, who needs the gadgets and progress that were brought by the industrial revolution.

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Re: Larry Potter and the Muggles?!!!
by Gracy on 2002/12/10 02:01:42 US/Eastern

Have you read the book? Besides the name Larry Potter and the term Muggles (which has been traced in use in literature back to the thirteenth century...copyright that if you can), the book Stoughton is touting as the origin of Harry Potter has Nothing in common with J.K. Rowlings' series. Trust me.

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