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  I Pity the Fool!
Posted by Gus Heavy on 2001/03/12 22:31:28 US/Eastern

This is from the Associated Press. So sue me, AP!Mr. T makes his comeback- - - - - - - - - - - -ASSOCIATED PRESSMarch 12, 2001 | NEW YORK -- Mr. T is back, fool. The muscled and heavily accessorized actor who helped lead television's "The A-Team" has lately popped up in TV ads for 1-800-COLLECT, Lipton foods and Nick at Nite. "This is my comeback," he told Time magazine for its March 19 issue. "I'm here to entertain the people like no one else can. But you have to have a setback in order to have a comeback." That came six years ago when he wasdiagnosed with T-cell lymphoma. Mr. T, whose real name is Lawrence Tureaud, kept news of the disease quiet, but soon decided to strike back. "I decided to bring cancer out of the closet," says the 48-year-old former Army officer, bodyguard and professional wrestler. Now I wear my cancer like I wear my blackness -- I'm proud!"

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Re: I Pity the Fool!
by The Management on 2001/03/12 22:33:49 US/Eastern

They come after us and we're turning you in, Gustavius J. Heavy of Anytown, USA.

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Re: I Pity the Fool!
by Christophe on 2003/01/22 05:04:02 US/Eastern


My name is Christophe Belva, i'm 23 years old and I live in Belgium (Europe). I came on this site to try to find an e-mail address to write to Mr T. I don't know if it's possible but I have always dreamed to enter in contact with him. When He was ill, I wrote him two letters in the hospital. I don't know if he received them of not. I would have wanted him to reply. Can you write me a message and tell me how I can write him? I relly like him as actor and I have a lot of things to write him. I know that it's very tricky to have an address, so help-me

My e-mail address is <christophe1566@caramail.com>

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