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  Progressive Rock
Posted by Aron S-T on 2001/03/05 18:18:53 US/Eastern

Recently I've been discussing music with my 15 year old son. I have pointed out to him how amazing the '60s and early '70s were in terms of creativity and diversity in music. It's been downhill since. He's beginning to agree :)

One genre that he is getting into is progressive rock - ELP, Genesis, Yes, Renaissance. For those of you who want to revisit or learn about this genre check out:


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Re: Progressive Rock
by Jack Mingo on 2001/03/06 00:10:30 US/Eastern

Strangely, progressive rock does suddenly have some appeal to me again after years of finding it hard to stomach it. I saw a Procol Harem ("Whiter Shade of Pale," etc.) boxed set in a record store the other day and almost picked it up....

Maybe some Yes would sound good again, too, finally. I saw them live from way in the back at a oounty fair in Illinois in their heyday and have never quite appreciated them much since. Maybe the hard ground, the drunk fans or the really crappy sound....

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