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  No longer a college alternative....
Posted by Bozo Barrett on 2001/02/19 21:31:44 US/Eastern

Although Clown College has been shut down since '97, check out a firsthand account of a Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey Clown School alumni reunion. http://www.nytimes.com/2001/02/18/arts/18JENK.html

The writer, an alumni of the clown school, puts his act of pie throwing into poetic perfection.

"Most mortals can only dream of quieting smug bosses, annoying in-laws or intrusive salespeople with such a primal weapon of revenge. But the short-lived pleasures of aggression are surpassed by the deeper joy that comes with the impact of the pie that flies back at you. Retribution is inevitable, but miraculously it doesn't hurt. On the contrary, the shaving cream slaps onto your skin with a warm soothing softness that mocks the naked aggression that propelled it."

Let's hope the doors reopen soon.


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Re: No longer a college alternative....
by loretta on 2002/01/29 22:34:27 US/Eastern

do you know how i could contact an ex
clown from ringling brothers? he was a clown in the 70's roofus t goofus,
i know this is a long shot, but thought i'd try

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