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  Sumo Moon
Posted by Gus Heavy on 2001/02/07 18:01:47 US/Eastern

Well, this is a little strange: a page of photos of sumo wrestlers getting transformed into the little-girl animation charactors Sailor Moon, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, etc. For fans of Japanese animation, sport and/or crossdressing.http://www.os.xaxon.ne.jp/~rini/sailor/sumo/index.htm

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Re: Sumo Moon
by Rebecca on 2001/02/07 23:37:45 US/Eastern

A little strange??? I think that's being polite.

Be warned! If you check this link at work, make sure your speakers are turned waaaaaay down. These very strange photos are accompanied by some very loud and obnoxious music. Unfortunately, my speakers were on high when I checked.

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