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  80s pop culture new release
Posted by Glenda on 2001/02/01 14:56:25 US/Eastern

80s pop culture novella "Pop Masquerade" depicts the beginnings of the "New Romantic" movement in music. It's available through eBookstand, listed with Amazon, and can be read in different formats (PDF, PDB, Paperback).

This is the author's first work and she's one primarily of short fiction and poetry. The book's URL is http://www.ebookstand.com/m/glendakayepeters.
Glenda's getting more and more involved in digital art and photography as she has several projects she's currently working on.
"Pop Masquerade" is more of a collage of different things - "interwoven elements of 80s pop culture and music in a descriptive narrative."

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Re: 80s pop culture new release
by The Management on 2001/02/03 21:53:35 US/Eastern

Sorry Glynda, we deleted your second posting which was exactly the same as this one. One piece of self-aggrandizement is lovely, but two is one too wonderful.

The Management

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Re: 80s pop culture new release
by Aron S-T on 2001/02/06 20:03:41 US/Eastern

80s pop culture? Sounds like an oxymoron to me. In the S-T household, "80s pop culture" is used as a curse word. "Did you really wear your hair like that Mommy?"

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  • Re: 80s pop culture new release
    by Jack Mingo on 2001/02/07 10:12:14 US/Eastern

    Yeah, I blurted out the phrase myself a few days ago when I slammed my finger in the door. (That reminds me of an exchange on You Bet Your Life, circa 1956. Fan club president: "You didn't mention Elvis Presley." Groucho Marx: "I never do except when I stub my toe.")

    But hey. There must've been something good about that decade. How about those memorable movies like...hm, this harder than I thought. Well, never mind. How about all those great musical groups, like....Um. Well.

    Okay, so maybe the only good that came out of the 1980s was that it rehabilitated the 1970s. In comparison to the '80s, that awful decade ended up looking exciting and vibrant.

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