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  Van Halen's M&M issues
Posted by Erin Barrett on 2001/01/27 01:43:09 US/Eastern

Check out the real reason Van Halen specified no brown M&M's in their contracts. (And yes, they DID actually specify that all brown M&M's have to be removed from any mix served them at gigs.)http://www.snopes2.com/music/artists/vanhalen.htmErin

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Re: Van Halen's M&M issues
by Kathie Meyer on 2001/01/27 11:28:51 US/Eastern

Interesting. And a good way to check to see if someone's paying attention to detail.

I would have guessed it was because the brown M&M is the ugliest of M&M colors, but that's my aesthetic side getting in the way.

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