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  Paleontologists Want to Be Pop Stars
Posted by Jack Mingo on 2001/01/24 12:45:40 US/Eastern

Goofy paleontologists at a dig in Madagascar have named a new, German-Shepherd-sized carnivore "Masiakasaurus knopfleri" after guitarist/songwriter Mark Knopfler "because we listened to a lot of Dire Straits while we dug."This mirrors the naming of hominoid (or as a flustered Ralph Kramden would say, "hominoid, hominoid, hominoid...") Lucy after the Beatles' song, "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds," which was playing a lot on that dig's boombox.(Whatever happened to serious paleontologists, anyway?)http://sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/n/a/2001/01/24/national0958EST0538.DTL&nl=fix

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