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  Monkey Business!
Toys & Games
Posted by Erin Barrett on 2000/12/26 01:02:34 US/Eastern

As is becoming tradition here in the Barrett/Mingo household, talk of sock monkeys and plans for making more monkeys has reached a frenzy on this Christmas Day.We love sock monkeys. We live FOR sock monkeys, BY sock monkeys and WITH sock monkeys. Sock monkeys are a holiday passion.In honor of sock monkeys everywhere and those who love them, here is a good, online-and-free plan for making them: http://www.ostrichbay.com/raft/past/november/monkey.htm Try them with Rockford socks if you'd like, or you can do what Mother Mingo does and make them out of wonderfully colored socks of all sizes, too. Have fun!

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Re: Monkey Business!
by Marlene on 2000/12/26 21:23:54 US/Eastern

In tune with the Monkey Business theme, I found a website that definitely has a monkey theme for all of you monkey lovers. www.infinitemonkeytheory.com has some pretty neat T-shirts as well as some good links to other sites concerning the ever-intriguing "Infinite Monkey Theory." Just thought I would share. Cheers!

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  • Re: Monkey Business!
    by Erin Barrett on 2000/12/27 00:52:34 US/Eastern

    I like the Pop Monkeys t-shirt, myself. Just in case anyone's buying me a Chinese New Year gift this year.


    (Thanks, Marlene)

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Re: Monkey Business!
by Theresa Crow on 2004/12/10 15:09:43 US/Eastern


I am with the Convention and Visitors Bureau in Rockford, Illinois, home of the Nelson Knitting Company where the original Red Heel socks were manufactured. On April 16, 2005, Rockford will be hosting its first Sock Monkey Festival at the Midway Village & Museum Center. We would like to get information about this event out to collectors. If you have any means of doing so, would you be able to help us obtain mailing or email addresses for this purpose - or could you steer us in the right direction? Any assistance you can give us would be greatly appreciated.

We are excited to welcome you and all other sock monkey enthusiasts to Rockford. See you April 16!

Theresa Crow
Customer Service Coordinator

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  • Re: Monkey Business!
    by Theresa Crow on 2005/03/28 12:57:17 US/Eastern

    For more details on the Sock Monkey Festival, please view www.midwayvillage.org. Thanks!

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    • Re: Monkey Business!
      by Gwen on 2005/04/17 00:19:46 GMT-4

      Just to correct a previous posting regarding the Sock Monkey Festival in Rockford, IL; home of the Original Red Heel socks AND original patent of the sock monkey...our website is www.midwayvillage.com (not .org) Hope to see you there, April 16 & 17, 2005!

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