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  "Barney McNulty, This is Death. I've Come to--(next card!)"
Posted by Jack Mingo on 2000/12/20 12:55:22 US/Eastern

Barney McNulty, the man credited with inventing and perfecting the art of cue cards, died on Monday. "He was the Cue Card King," eulogized Milton Berle. "He was my right-hand man, my ad libs," added Bob Hope, who, despite my impression, isn't apparently dead yet.http://sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/n/a/2000/12/20/obituary1000EST0118.DTL&nl=fix

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Re: "Barney McNulty, This is Death. I've Come to--
by Violet Pullbrook on 2004/01/19 17:31:28 US/Eastern

Would like to contact Barney's wife. A lovely lady but have loss contact. Please help.

Violet - oneof many that Barney touched.

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  • Re: "Barney McNulty, This is Death. I've Come to--
    by windy henry on 2004/08/25 00:35:07 GMT-4

    I am a good friend of Jill McNulty, If you haven't already contacted her, I would love to help you out. Please e-mail me.

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    • Jill McNulty
      by Pat Vosberg on 2005/08/20 13:26:25 GMT-4

      Hello, my husband, Sonny Vosberg, was a long time friend of Barney. After Barney died, Sonny was given some photos that Barney took (they were going to catalogue them and eventually do a book). I have not spoken to Jill since my husband's death in 2004. I should return the photos but do not know how she is, or if it is okay to call her at the old home number on Morse Avenue.

      Thanks, Pat Vosberg

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