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  Well, I'll Be a Son of a Snowman
Posted by Jack Mingo on 2000/12/20 12:40:38 US/Eastern

This is funny. David Vernon, son of the late veteran comedian Jackie Vernon, describes the trauma at an early age of seeing his cartoon father "melt". Not to mention the reaction of his peers as he got older. Here's an excerpt:"Maybe in other parts of the country ... having your father be the star of a treasured Christmas special would make you the envy of the schoolyard. But not in Los Angeles. In our school, everyone's mother and father were some type of celebrity.... You don't know the depths of humiliation until Helen Reddy's daughter laughs in your face and calls you "Frosty Jr." I'd get more general reactions along the lines of, "I wanted to watch 'The Brady Bunch' Friday night but my mom made me watch that Frosty the Freakman instead. Frosty's a wimp! I hate that show! You suck!" http://www.salon.com/mwt/feature/tues/2000/12/19/frosty/index.html

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