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  Silly Rabbit: Pain is for People, Not for Animals
Posted by Ed Zorn on 2000/12/06 12:04:58 US/Eastern

While at the PETA site, check out the "Sexy Dominatrices Whip Up Interest in Leather-Free Fashion" section. It must be a joke, or no? Quoting from the site: "Plastic-clad PETA poseurs, proclaiming 'Good Girls Fake It!' urge consumers to pleather themselves with pain-free alternatives to leather. The funky femme fatales illustrate how easy it is to find absolutely anything in vinyl, velvet, or other nonleather fabrics and fibers. Our selection of cruelty-free boots, jackets, pants, and belts reminds shoppers that no one should submit to wearing skins, because animal suffering is a huge turnoff.""Cruelty-free"? The mind boggles.http://www.cowsarecool.com/domina.html

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