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  PETA's Banned Anti-Leather Ad
Posted by Jack Mingo on 2000/12/06 10:31:29 US/Eastern

PETA's rquest for a 30-second Superbowl ad slot was turned down, even though the animal lovers were waving the required $6.2 million. CBS cited a ban on "advocacy" ads; the animal righters retorted that all ads are advocacy ads and noted that the hides from 3,000 cows a year are used to keep the football leagues supplied with footballs.Anyway, the rejected ad with singing cows is pretty clever. You can see it at http://www.cowsarecool.com

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Re: PETA's Banned Anti-Leather Ad
by Syrah Merlot on 2000/12/06 10:36:32 US/Eastern

Astute viewers will note that they used footage from the Cow Cow Boogie, an award-winning short feature from the 1940s, and added new music. One of the perpetrators was the big-haired keyboardist from the B-52s.

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Re: PETA's Banned Anti-Leather Ad
by Kane K. on 2005/06/15 13:52:56 GMT-4

God forbid if a commercial slamming and exposing the truth about leather is put on the superbowl, which is primarily viewed by rednecks and people who dont really give a flying fuck about anyone or anything else other than themselves...

It amazes me how the majority of americans can't seem to understand pain and suffering, and the people at PETA obviously do. Its just a shame that these people at CBS don't want people to discover the truth and would rather keep their redneck viewers.....typical redneck bullshit.

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