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  66 Bear Facts
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Posted by Erin Barrett on 2000/12/04 13:19:30 US/Eastern

In Sunday's Chronicle, an ad: "Be the first to own the...ROUTE 66 BEAR!"

A company in San Ramon, CA is making an "America's Main Street" commemorative bear. On the bear itself are all of the state names that US Route 66 passes through, the US Route marker sign, an American flag and "1926," the year the route was officially christened. From the picture it's hard to tell if they're put on patches or if the names and signs are embroidered directly on the bear. Regardless, it comes in two odd sizes: 8.5 inches or 18 inches.

Want one? Call 925-855-3816, or email me for the mailing information.

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Re: 66 Bear Facts
by Jack Mingo on 2000/12/06 10:19:56 US/Eastern

I've seen it, too. What's remarkable is that anybody would think that a large number of people would want to buy anything with Route 66 and random state names plastered on it. Not recommended.

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