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  Coke Ads in the News (and On Your Computer)
Posted by Jack Mingo on 2000/11/30 20:15:45 US/Eastern

You probably heard that the Coke company donated TV 20,000 ads to the Library of Congress. Well, a meager eight of them have also been made available on the Coke website. Especially fun are the 1950s ones--the Maguire Sisters singing in a cheesy Sputnik-era flying saucer and the Kingston Trio singing over a vignette about a hot dog man/Coke pusher.Of course, there are also the more modern cliches like polar bears, the singing teens on the hillside and Mean Joe Greene slinging a sweaty shirt at a kid. Still, with millions of dollars of market research, the ads do a pretty good job of summing up the eras: besides Sputnik and earnest Boomers, they've got "Fame" kids from the 1980s and more.http://tvads.coca-cola.com/tv.htm

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