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  Kit-Cat Clock Club
Posted by Gus Heavy on 2000/11/30 19:33:54 US/Eastern

Kit-Cat clocks are those Felix-the-Cat lookalikes that with the wagging tails and moving eyes that hang on the wall. They date back about 65 years to the Great Depression. Now, they are available (of course) on the 'Net. If you don't want to pay the $35-60 for the clocks themselves, the site also has $20 Kit-Cat beach towels and free Kit-Cat greeting cards you can send.http://www.kit-cat.com/

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Re: Kit-Cat Clock Club
by Itamar on 2000/12/04 04:47:09 US/Eastern

The wondeful LucasFilms (before they became LucasArts) game Zak McKraken and the Alien Mindbenders had one of those hanging on the wall in the hero's bedroom.

There was also a goldfish called Sushi you were supposed to put down your sink's garbage disposal, IIRC. Who said computer games are violent?


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