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  Stephen King Strangles His Own Progeny
Posted by Syrah Merlot on 2000/11/30 11:38:24 US/Eastern

Stephen King has cancelled his plans to sell serialized novels on the internet--not enough money, interest and glory (I know how he feels!). But did he leave readers stranded in mid-story? Anybody know his website's URl?

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Re: Stephen King Strangles His Own Progeny
by Jack Mingo on 2000/11/30 11:47:39 US/Eastern

Yes, he is quitting mid-story although he says on his site that it's temporary (he has to finish some lucrative projects) and at a good stopping point where some loose ends are tied up. He also complains that more than 50% of recent downloaders are freeloaders, as it were, not paying the honor-system fee.

For more info and for downloads:

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