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  Today in History
Posted by ShirleyUJest on 2000/11/18 11:47:59 US/Eastern

These are some of the pertinent events that have happened on today's date throughout history. The Most Relevant Birthday prize for today goes to George Gallup. I can post more of these if you want.- Shirl.

In Haiti they celebrate Army Day
The YWCA declares this World Fellowship Day
In the US, National Children's Book Week Begins on Monday
It's Morocco's Independence Day!
Omanians celebrate National Day

1307 William Tell's son selflessly allows his dad to shoot an apple off his head
1421 The infamous Zuider Zee floods 72 villages in the Netherlands and kills around10,000 people. Where was the little boy?!
1865 Mark Twain's "Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County" was published today
1894 The first color comic was published in a Sunday edition of NY World.
1911 Britain's 1st seaplane flies
1913 First loop-the-loop in an airplane was performed in San Diego by Lincoln Deachey
1928 Mickey Mouse's debut happened on this day in the classic production "Steamboat Willie"
1932 The cartoons received their first Academy Award for "Flowers and Trees"
1949 Jackie Robinson, Brooklyn Dodgers, named National League's MVP
1951 "See it Now" premieres on TV
1966 Pope Paul VI decreed earlier in 1966 that American Roman Catholics no longer had to abstain from meat eating on Fridays. This date was the last required meatless Friday for the Catholic devout.

Most Relevant Birthday: 1901 George Gallup Jefferson Iowa, public opinion pollster
1908 Imogene Coca Philadelphia PA, comedienne -- Your Show of Shows, Grindl
1909 Johnny Mercer Savannah GA, lyricist -- Moon River, That Old Black Magic
1928 Mickey Mouse
1936 Hank Ballard Detroit, rocker -- The Twist (pre Chubby Checker)
1942 Linda Evans Hartford, actress -- Dynasty, Big Valley, Beach Blanket Bingo
1950 Elizabeth Perkins actress -- About Last Night, Big
1950 Graham Parker musician -- Live Sparks, Mercury Poisoning
1957 Jenny Burton NYC, rocker -- Nobody Loves Me Like You Do
1960 Kim Wilde England, rocker -- You Keep Me Hanging On
1962 Kirk Hammett rock guitarist -- Metallica-Helpless

1886 Chester A Arthur, 21st President, dies in New York. He was 56
1946 Donald Meek, Glasgow Scotland, actor (Stage Fair, Stagecoach)
1969 Joseph P. Kennedy, father of John, Ted and Robert, dies in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts at 81

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Re: Today in History
by Jack Mingo on 2000/11/18 16:30:15 US/Eastern

Wow, that's great, Shirl. More, more!

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Re: Today in History
by mell on 2003/03/13 08:32:55 US/Eastern

thanx 4 egnolaging haiti

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