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  German Big Brother or the Seal Lions?
Posted by Ed Zorn on 2000/11/18 11:20:10 US/Eastern

Okay, I admit it--I love live cams. When the US Big Brother was on, the TV show itself sucked, but I monitored the goings-on of those mediocre folks for hours a day on the four live cams while working on other things. However, that's over and it's hard to know what to replace it with. There's the German version of Big Brother currently playing at http://www.big-brother-haus.de/navi/index.html, but I don't know the language so except when the big sweaty motorcycle guy plays his guitar there's not a lot of point in watching. Of course there are the sea lions at http://www.racerocks.com/pearson/racerock/video3.htm but I don't understand the language there, either. (Still, the water sounds and the urk-urk-urk seal sounds are strangely hypnotic and have the added appeal of annoying housemates.)So, can anybody suggest some real-life, real-time live cam somewhere that would fill the gap until the next English-language Big Brother?

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