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  "Ward, I've Been Worried About the Beaver..."
Posted by Syrah Merlot on 2000/11/18 10:51:10 US/Eastern

Jerry Mathers Talks Healthy LivingThe Associated PressNov 17 2000 2:38PMMACON, Ga. (AP) - ``Leave It to Beaver'' star Jerry Mathers says doctors offered him a stark choice when he was diagnosed with diabetes - control his eating habits or die of poor health in only a few years. ``I had been living the good life,'' said the 52-year-old Mathers, known to millions as Beaver Cleaver from the 1950s TV series. ``I was going out to eat all the time and was up to about 225 pounds.'' Five years later, Mathers said his blood sugar and blood pressure readings are near normal and he has slimmed down to 168 pounds.

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