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  Boomers Baby Siblings
Posted by Aron S-T on 2000/11/16 01:09:20 US/Eastern

I always was jealous of my older siblings - they were the boomers, the 60's generation. They had all the fun. Well now my generation has a name of our own, thanks to the PR genius of one Jonathan Pontell.Check it out at:http://enquirer.com/editions/1999/11/12/loc_who_is_generation.html

Don't forget to take the generation Jones quiz. And oh yes, there is a whole web site dedicated to jonesers, Pontell's wierd moniker (or misnomer?). If you really don't have a life you can get the link from the above article. I swear I only heard about this 'cause I was bored on a plane and I read the airline's magazine. (something a Boomer would never do!)

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Generation Jones
by Brian Levine on 2000/12/21 18:25:12 US/Eastern

Re: A pointer to a web site on the Generation Jones concept, Brian Levine wrote:

I was born in '56, I've been following the Generation Jones thang for several months and must say that while I would normally not be into this kind of thing, I think it actually is pretty cool, and matters. There is a huge group of us (GenJonesers were born from '54 to '65, and are I think 1 in 4 U.S. adults) mistakenly labeled as Boomers then as Xers and its pretty obvious to a lot of us whether we'd been sitting around talking about it or not, that we are not Boomers or Xers, and it seems to me that there are a lot of political, vcultural and economic implications to all this. The media certainly seems to think so--- I've seen GenJones discussed on several national TV shows as well as read a few articles about it. I even saw President-Elect Bush talking about Generation Jones a few months ago in a TV soundbite. In a way, who cares, but in a different way, we might as well have a collective identity that fits since we are going to get labelled generationally anyway, and I'm frankly sick of being called a Boomer since I certainly am not one.

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