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  Cereal Mascots Get Their Own Theme Park
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Posted by Jack Mingo on 2000/11/10 17:50:46 US/Eastern

Another reason to flock to the Mall of America in Minnesota. Says the Reuters news agency: "The "silly rabbit" that touts the General Mills cereal soon will have its own amusement park, along with Lucky the leprechaun and Sonny the bird that goes cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs."Cereal Adventure, a 16,000-square-foot theme park, will open June, 2001. Bring your own milk.

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Re: Cereal Mascots Get Their Own Theme Park
by Rather Not Say on 2001/06/15 18:33:30 GMT-4

My 5-year old and I just went to the Cereal Adventure at Mall of America. SAVE YOUR MONEY!! Spend it at Camp Snoopy instead. It cost $10 for both of us to enter. It was extremely loud and my son ran from the noise as the bigger-than-life machines made cereal. The play area is for toddlers. The Lucky Charms area consists of tunnel slides and a "skiddle" type ball game. The Cocoa Puffs video simulation tilted the chairs which scared my son...he lasted 3 seconds. Make-your-own cereal basically means filling a box with multiple kinds of General Mills cereal...costs $7.00. Have your picture on a box of Wheaties for $20 (not sure if this included the Wheaties cereal). AND THAT'S IT. When my son read about the event on his morning Cheerios box, I thought it would be free...it's at Mall of America by a large, profitable corporation. I mistakenly thought General Mills would see this as a marketing tool. A TOTAL RIP-OFF.

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