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  Please Don't Take My Sunshine Away
Posted by Jack Mingo on 2000/11/06 15:36:23 US/Eastern

It's appropriate to the current political show to take note that Jimmie Davis died yesterday at age 101. He was the "Singing governor" of Louisiana for two terms in the 1940s and '60s. His biggest and best accomplishment? Not his leadership--he was another of the segregationist politicians of the era who had to be dragged kicking into the modern era. He did, however, write one really great song: "You Are My Sunshine (My Only Sunshine)." He also wrote "It Makes No Difference Now" and some lesser songs that he recorded on at least 52 albums.He also appeared in movies, including 1947's "Louisiana" about a country boy who becomes a singer and then governor.

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This explains it...
by Itamar on 2000/11/07 04:57:35 US/Eastern

In the Cohen's Brothers' newest movie, "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" there's a governor who has his own radio program, and at some points leads a sing-a-long of "You Are My Sunshine."

It's a wonderful movie, I highly recommend seeing it.

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