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  What does "Sega" Translate to?
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Posted by Jack Mingo on 2000/11/04 17:44:08 US/Eastern

I'd always assumed "Sega" was a Japanese name or word. I just found out that I was oh so wrong. True, it was founded in Japan in 1951. Back then it was an export company called Rosen Enterprises (also not a Japanese name). Later it merged with a jukebox company, began making coin-operated games, and changed its name to Sega> How did it get that name? It was a contraction of "Service Games."It reminds me of how Atari got its name. Ask me about it. (Go ahead, I dare you.)

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Re: What does "Sega" Translate to?
by Aron Trauring on 2000/11/04 17:56:55 US/Eastern

Well Jack, how did Atari get it's name? Speaking of Sega, they are, sad to say, heading for the dustbin of history. But don't worry. Old games never die. They reappear on warez sites all over the Internet. You can get emulators too, for old (and new) game machines to run on your Windows/MacOS/Linux boxen. Don't expect me to post any pointers though, to where to find this stuff. Far from me to encourage theft of someone else's intellectual property....Of course, I do believe some of the more with it games developers are finally understanding that giving away the old stuff (which isn't in the stores anyway) doesnt hurt. In fact, it is a good way to build customer loyalty, so they are giving away the stuff themselves. Expect more of this as time goes on.

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  • Re: What does "Sega" Translate to?
    by Jack Mingo on 2000/11/04 18:03:08 US/Eastern

    Thanks for asking, Aron. The founder of the company, Nolan Bushnell, got "Atari" from the game of Go, which he was a fan of. He chose it deliberately to misdirect people into thinking it was a Japanese company (This was way back at a time when people thought the only good electronics came from there.)

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