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  Used Russian Space Capsule for Sale
Posted by Gus Heavy on 2000/10/28 14:12:11 GMT-4

Oh hey, the Space Store (http://www.thespacestore.com/) has a used Soviet space craft for sale. Says the webpage copy for the Soyuz TM-26 Descent Capsule: "The capsule launched with Russian cosmonauts Anatoly Soloviev and Pavel Vinogradov to the MIR space station on August 5,1997 and returned the cosmonauts to Earth on February 19, 1998...a total of 198 days in space and flew approximately 79 million miles."Well, that's a little misleading--it was the descent capsule, so it flew inside another craft for most of those 79 million miles. Anyway, asking price is a mere $2.2 million. Perhaps if we all chipped in?--Gus

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Re: Used Russian Space Capsule for Sale
by david on 2005/09/29 16:42:24 GMT-4

esta rre bueno

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