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  Whatever Happened to Former Child Stars?
Posted by Ed Zorn on 2000/10/24 23:03:11 GMT-4

Say, whatever happened to that cute Opie from the Andy Griffith Show? Probably driving a truck or something....Check this website out if you've ever wondered what happened to the original Pugsley and Wednesday Addams or the young cast members from "The Facts of Life" and "Father Knows Best." Since 1997, the Former Child Star website has been tracking the cute kids who were once America's sweethearts. The latest issue has more background stories and modern-day sightings, and even goes across the ocean to find out what happened to that weird little girl from the badly-dubbed Pippi Longstocking movies.Only a relatively few became out-and-out, drugs-and-death tragedies; some have sunk into a longterm post-peak funk, some have gone on to acting and directing successes, and some seem to have adjusted philosophically to the trevails of living a normal life. Here's the URL: http://www.formerchildstar.net

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