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  His Lucky Charms Ran Out
Food & Drink
Posted by Jack Mingo on 2000/10/24 10:44:37 GMT-4

The virtues of regularly reading the obits...John Holahan, inventor of Lucky Charms, died last month. He invented the "magically delicious," super-sweet cereal in 1963 by cutting those hard orange marshmallow circus peanuts into pieces and sprinkling them over Cheerios.This year, however, life turned from magically delicious to tragically malicious. Holahan and his wife Rosalind were involved in a bad car accident on their way to visit their daughter who was dying of liver cancer. They both died in the crash; their daughter died two days later. But oh well, have some sugary cereal and have a nice day.

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Re: His Lucky Charms Ran Out
by Kristina on 2004/03/08 00:24:28 US/Eastern

Thanks for the sympathy. John Holohan was my great, great uncle. Hope you enjoyed your cereal.

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  • Re: His Lucky Charms Ran Out
    by Bill on 2005/01/28 11:27:57 US/Eastern

    I live on the corner were the accident took place.
    At that time I worked out of the house and was the first person at the scene.
    The corner was known for serious accidents.
    Before this accident I had lobbied the City Council for a four-way stop to quell the carniage.
    After this accident and few more serious ones, they finally understood that the blood was on their hands and they took action.

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  • Re: His Lucky Charms Ran Out
    by Alison Mouledoux on 2005/06/06 19:16:10 GMT-4

    Hi Kristina,

    I'm working on a show for the History Channel on breakfast cereal and we are desperately searching for a photograph of your uncle, John Holohan. Do you by chance know how we could get one?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    Alison Mouledoux

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  • uncle's heritage for business class
    by Alex jackson on 2006/01/17 14:07:55 US/Eastern

    Hey Kristina, I am a business major at a University in Texas, and I was doing an article on Cereal companies for my advertising class. However, in the process of doing this, I was curious of the heritage of your great, great uncle. Was he Irish or was it just great advertising? Thank you very much. And if you like, I don't have to quote you in my project. Thanks a bunch.


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