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  Lava Lamp Inventor Dies
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Posted by Jack Mingo on 2000/10/24 10:22:10 GMT-4

Craven Walker, inventor of the Lava Lamp, died August 15. Walker was a genuine eccentric--among other things, he was a purveyor of nudist films for the porn trade in the 1950s. He told at least two versions of his invention: One was that he discovered the lava principle while working on making an egg timer. Another was that he improved a design that he'd "borrowed" from a mysterious Mr. Dunnett, whose invention he saw while drunk in a British pub. Both versions, and more Lava Lamp lore, can be found here:http://members.tripod.com/fleabitten/

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Re: Lava Lamp Inventor Dies
by Erin Barrett on 2000/10/27 04:00:34 GMT-4

Although some claim Walker was a "purveyor of nudist films," others might argue he was simply a leader of the then-trendy nudist movement. (He insisted he be called a "naturalist," however, not "nudist.") His films were more exhibition than porn, or so say some sources. Perhaps the point's subjective.

I've always liked the Mr. Dunnett part of his story. He was clever, if not honest, for sure.

Despite it all, the kids lit both of our lamps when we first read about his death and kept them glooping all day in honor of Walker's lightening contribution to pop culture.

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