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  NES Turns 15 - Nintendo retrospective
Toys & Games
Posted by Itamar ST on 2000/10/24 06:03:11 GMT-4

The NES was the first console game I ever played with. I can still remember long days spent at my friend's house playing Super Mario Brothers, and Zelda II, and all those other classic games. Gamers.com takes a look at the history of the Nintendo Entertainment System, 15 years after it was first launched in 1985: http://www.gamers.com/s/feature/001011-nes15/index

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Re: NES Turns 15 - Nintendo retrospective
by Jack Mingo on 2000/10/25 10:24:30 GMT-4

A fact I just ran into last night, Itamar (which you probably already knew, but oh well): After the first generation of pale simulations, the NES was the first game console deliberately designed to equal the experience of playing an arcade game. Throw in the original games that were designed solely for it, and it was indeed a milestone.

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