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  Gum and korea

Posted by Paul Egges on 2000/10/23 06:43:48 GMT-4

Almost all restaurants in Korea give out complimentry gum. I believe this is done because Koreans consume a lot of garlic during the course of a meal, and thus the afterdinner gum.

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Re: Gum and korea
by Aron Trauring on 2000/10/25 16:08:36 GMT-4

So why don't they give out gum in Italian restaurants? There's gotta be a better explanation!

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  • Re: Gum and korea
    by Jack Mingo on 2000/10/26 17:20:43 GMT-4

    Perhaps in Italian culture smelling like garlic is not considered a social liability?

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Re: Gum and korea
by Erin Barrett on 2000/11/03 04:39:22 US/Eastern

I've been pondering this and doing a little gum research since you posted and I'm wondering if it doesn't have more to do with Americans in the area during the war. Gum was staple rations for military personel, and as often happened with other GI rations during wars around the globe, was left behind as a symbol of All Things American.

Why gum after dinner? I don't know specifically, but for that matter: Why mints after dinner here, stateside? Maybe garlic. Maybe it's just refreshing after a heaping serving of kimchi.

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by Foo on 2001/04/22 07:33:57 GMT-4

gum is good

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